Its your grave, go lay in it.

Why do people sit their and try to dig someone else’s grave for them? They sit there tearing someone apart. Word-by-word. They judge, ridicule, tease, emotionally and physically harm someone. Why you ask? Jealousy. There are two sides to every story, but the overall truth is the same.

When you sit there breaking someone down to be “cool” or to get what you want, is doing nothing but digging your own grave. You want to believe everytime you hurt them is one more shovel full of dirt creating their everlasting resting place. Honestly, you’re digging your own. If everytime you hurt someone was another shovel full your grave would not be six feet down three feet across. It’d be the grand canyon.

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The sad part is, that’s only how much you’ve hurt me. Who knows how much damage you have actually done.