Now What

At the end of the book, the decisions now return to the judge and the Circle Justice Court concerning Cole’s fate.

The question remains: has Cole been rehabilitated, or should he still be sentenced to time in jail? The judge asks all members of the Circle to write a letter evaluating Cole’s experience with Circle Justice and answering the above question. You will write a letter to the court judge from the point-of-view of a character from the book. Through your characters perspective, you will make the argument for, or against, Cole’s rehabilitation during his banishment on the island. Your letters must include answers to the following questions: -Has justice been served? -Has Cole taken responsibility for his actions? -Does Cole now understand the consequences of his actions? -Is Cole capable of moving forward with his life in a positive way? Each question should be responded to in a thoughtful, well organized paragraph using examples and quotes from the text.

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