Jarrod case study

Explain how the concept of nature versus nurture may assist Jarred to understand his personal history. By explaining the nature versus nurture theory to Jarred I would hope to help him understand on a very basic level that history often repeats itself. I would endeavor to help him realize that his own behavior throughout his life, is directly linked to the behavior of his mother and his father.

Some theorist believe that who we are, who we become, Is predetermined by nature. They believe that we are born this way as It Is In our genetic makeup.

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That It Is not only our hair color or facial features that resemble our parents but also our intellect and personality. If it is all down to nature, Jarred was predestined to behave without care for consequences and was also predestined to have issues with substance abuse and Impulse control. On the other hand, some theorists believe that we are born as a blank slate.

They believe that our behaviors are a result of what we have learnt and that overtime, we are so influenced by our environment and the people that we interact with that we begin to repeat the behavior we have been exposed to, good or bad.

Therefore Jarred is repeating the patterns of his parents, most pointedly, his father. If Jarred knows anything of his extended family history it may help validate that both nature and nurture contribute to his own parent’s actions and behaviors. For instance, Scrod’s father had a substance abuse issues, in turn Jarred also has a substance abuse Issues. HIS father was a violent man, Jarred also has problems with Impulse control.

Perhaps Jarred may be aware that his fathers, father was also a heavy drinker and a violent man thus adding validity to the theory.

The same could be said for his mother, reaps her own mother was married to a violent man and therefore she considers the domestic violence part and parcel of marriage. 2. Briefly explain how understanding Freudian theory (the id. Ego and superego) could help you to understand and work with Jarred. If applying Fraud’s theory that personality Is the result of three components, the old.

The ego and the super ego to Scrod’s case, I would firstly be able to understand the driving force behind some of his past decisions.

During his early adolescence the id was dominant in many of Scrod’s decisions. His use of illegal drugs was the id’s instinctual response to reducing the pain dictator felt about his life at home. The id is impulsive and cares little for consequence. It is driven by the need to avoid discomfort and has no regard for what is right or good. This explains the poor choices that landed Jarred in Juvenile detention.

His lack of impulse control also points to a personality that is primarily driven by the old component.

This could also be a result of guilt and shame Orleans when the super-ego Is allowed some input. In Scrod’s current phase his personality seems more balanced. It appears that he is OFF living In ten nerve Ana now Ana NAS stopped trying to escape ten demons AT Nils past by the use of illegal substances. He is no longer running away from his problems and is beginning to take some ownership over his behavior.

This is his ego in action. He wants to take control of his life. Understanding Fraud’s theory enables me to understand driving forces behind his past decisions.

It also allows me to see that he is now able to control his impulses and delay decision making until he has considered the consequences of his actions. He will be more reasonable to work with n counseling than if I had been counseling him in his teenage years.

3. Briefly analyses Scrod’s situation from the perspective of Mascots hierarchy of needs, and explain how this theory might influence your work with him. Using Mascots theory to summaries Scrod’s life, I can see that as a very young child his physiological needs were often not met.

He was frequently left without food and you might also assume that he was left without the means to keep himself warm or to sleep in safety due to the absence of both of his parents in the evening. His need of safety and security also remained unsatisfied as both aspects were frequently improvised.

His family life was unstable, including the presence of an alcoholic, abusive father and his frequent exposure to acts of domestic violence. His need of belonging and love was unfulfilled due to his first two sets of needs not being met regularly.

It would also be very difficult to develop a sense of being love and belonging in a home with an absent mother and abusive father. As his basic needs were not being met during his childhood, it would be difficult for Jarred to focus on his place in life. He would also suffer from very low self-esteem. Assuming that Jarred now has a home where he feels safe and the means to feed and clothe himself, I would be concentrating on helping Jarred move towards finding his place in the world.

He is asking questions like “Where do I belong? “. This indicates that he is in the need of love and belonging.

I would focus my counseling around establishing where Jarred sees his future, initially in the very short term working towards his long term desires. I would then work with him in setting goals with a view to obtaining what it is that he desires. 4.

Briefly explain how Piglet’s stages of cognitive development could help you to understand and work with Jarred. Piglet’s stages of cognitive development refers to the development of logic throughout a person’s life by studying their ability to reason and problem solve during different stages.

Jarred moved from England to Australia during his operational stage. His family moved away from their support system which meant that there was extra stress and pressure placed on his parents. The consequence of that meant that Jarred was frequently left alone and lacking in many basic needs, such as; adequate nutrition, two caring parents and guidance.

This would have had n impact on Scrod’s cognitive development therefore impacting his ability to successfully reach his full potential during both the operational and concrete operational stages.

The exposure to domestic violence during this stage, when he was Torment communication Skills would anneal NV once at cocoons Day recalling Nils ability to communicate with class mates effectively and therefore form relationships. His drug use during his early teens has further inhibited the potential of optimal cognitive development therefore the inability to reason during the formal operational ears makes him appear immature and out of control. The under development of these skills has left him open to the circumstances of his unhealthy environment.

This would impact his life up to the point that he met his mentor, Tim.

Understanding Piglet’s theory will help me identify that Jarred has not developed the ability to the think about the unseen and to understand that there are a range of options open to him. It would help me counsel him because I would be aware of the reasons why he has not attempted to change his behavior up to this point in order to improve his fife. I would know that his goal setting abilities are likely to be limited.

I would be encouraging Jarred to set small short term goals. 5.

Briefly explain how Erosion’s stages of development may assist Jarred to understand his feelings. Erosion’s stages of development theory looks at the development of personality based on a person’s social interaction. If Jarred understood this theory he would be able to see that the relocation of his family from one continent to another occurred around the stage where he was learning to do things for himself such as feed himself and come toilet trained.

If he was unable to fulfill this stage he may experience shame and doubt. Jarred would have entered the next stage soon after arriving in Australia, around the time that his mother started working long hours and his father was mainly absent from the home. His parents actions suggest that they had very little concern or care for the child and his sense of purpose during this time would have been under developed.

He could have also been feeling that his parent’s behavior was in some way his fault. This may have led to feelings of guilt.

At the beginning of he latency stage Jarred would be starting school and should have been developing social skill as well as physical skills. Feeling inferior is linked to this stage and a lack of confidence has made it difficult for Jarred to form relationships. If Jarred had successfully attained feelings of trust, independence, purpose and competence during his early childhood he would have had a higher chance of forming and understanding his own identity as he moved into high school. All of this impacted by his lacking sense of self has made it difficult for him to form lasting relationships.