Ted Bundy Case Free Essay Sample

Witness for the Defense: The all American Boy Ted Bundy How can expectations influence memory? Fragments and features are picked up and they go into memory where they interact with prior knowledge, and expectations, information that is already stored in our memory.

You could also use the Gesalt Theory of closure because we can see part of something and our mind uses our memories to make it whole. What are the main features of the acquisition, retention, and retrieval stages of memory according to Loftus?

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Stage one is acquisition (encoding) in which the perception of the original event is put into the memory system. Second is the retention (storage) stage, the period of time that passes between the event and the recollection of a particular piece of information. And third is the retrieval stage in which a person recalls stored information. According to Loftus how might an interviewers questions affect memory? Memories are often susceptible to distortions when they are recalled.

Wrong information can be corperated into an eyewitness’s memory if leading questions are asked, or if circumstances surrounding the inquiry are particularly frightening, creating false memories. Transmitting through words, gestures, or other cues (cued recall) their belief that the suspect is guilty. What theoretical model might best explain how this happens? Interference Theory forgetting is affected primarily by what happens to people before or after they learn information this theory holds that information will be retained in memory as long as competing similar information does not interfere with it.

In this case I believe that it would be retroactive interference, which occurs when new information disrupts the retrieval of previous information. How can stress affect memory? Some stimulation improves perception and memory but great stress interferes.

For instance when you wake up memory is not functioning very well, it is functioning at a moderate level. If you are slightly nervous or anxious memory performance is optimal.

But with high levels of arousal be it fear or stress the ability to remember begins to decline. I believe that the amount of time Carol DaRonch spent with Ted Bundy was enough to have used her episodic memory because she probably felt she was having a very personal event with a nice guy. So he was definitely stored in her declarative long-term memory. It is possible that her semantic memory could have been used, if for instance she learned something from him but that is neither here nor there we don’t really know.