Psychology Free Essay

The research was about evaluating the environmental factors that cause the children to have obesity.

This is because over the past few years, obesity is on the rise and it is not true to say that, genetic factors have solely been the cause of this rise. Additionally, children adapt to what they see in the environment and not what they want. Therefore, the researchers were trying to find out what environmental factors cause obesity. They were doing this research because the rates at which children are becoming overweight have increased over the past few years. For this reasons, they were researching to why so that they can come up with solutions.

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The researchers decided to use both quantitative and qualitative methods of research. This is because, in quantitative method, they have used statistical method to collect their data for research. For instance, they have only used thirteen primary schools instead of all the schools. Quantitative method is for data that can be calculated or counted. Additionally, they have used qualitative method where they were collecting information by the use of questionnaires. In this case, they were asking the different children and parents based on the research.

In qualitative method, data collected cannot be calculated. Therefore, it can be said that they have used both qualitative and quantitative methods of research to conduct their research. The findings of the research were that overweight children bought more food products than non-overweight children did. Additionally, the food products were of higher calories. Additionally, both parents of overweight and non-overweight children did not restrict their children in what foods to eat. This information is valuable in real life situations because it is easy to control the eating habits of a child thus, reducing the chances of becoming overweight.

Therefore, parents will be cautious about what their children eat so that they cannot be overweight.