Jc Penney Case Study

Milliseconds. Mom advises the store to “correct their mistake” and not turn away potential new, conservative shoppers with the company’s new vision. ” 2. Analysis The company Is trying to rebuild its customer base that will Increase their market sales. So they decided Ellen Designers to be the representative of their company.

The company chose her because she Is very famous and a very Influential person In the Industry and she can be an effective endorser. A group of mothers named One Million Mom’s contradicted J Penny Company.

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If J Penny wouldn’t fire Ellen Designers, they threatened to no longer patronize the company anymore. For the One Million Moms, they believe in a traditional family. Below are the identified issues about the conflict between J Penny, One Million Moms, and Ellen Designers.

3. 1 Issues a. Discrimination – Gender In our opinion Ellen Is a representation of the third sex orientation. In relation to One million mom’s perception, being gay Is unacceptable to society and bad Influence to the children. B.

Right Family – Values The sexual orientation of Ellen contradicts the perception of the One Million Moms of a family.

In the US, the family is composed of a mother, a father and children; the group of one million moms thinks that having Ellen Designers does not represent a rue image off family. C. Integrity of J Penny – As Company J Penny as a company has some code of ethics. They believe in professionalism, fairness and equality. Though One Million Moms demanded and threatened J Penny that they will stop patronizing the company. .

Social Programming It promotes ideas to the people especially to the children that being in a third sex is acceptable. It can a erect moral 3. 2 Moral Standards a. Honesty toot a unman conduct. Ellen Designers is being honest about being gay.

But the One Million Moms protested that she should not be the one representing the company because they hind that Ellen would be a bad influence to their children and to other members of the family. B. Equality The One Million Moms failed to have this kind of moral standards.

They are not being open minded that the purpose why the company chose Ellen Designers was because she’s very famous and concluded that Ellen being the endorser/ representative of their company would give a huge impact in increasing their sales market. The One Million Moms focused only on the true gender of Ellen.

C. Kindness Being kind can be seen if you are concern for other people’s sake. One Million Moms is a group of worried people. They worry about other families’ sake. But they didn’t care to ponder that maybe they can also hurt other people’s feelings Just because of what they did. .

Compassion It is through compassion that a person achieves the highest peak and deepest reach in his or her search for self-fulfillment. Compassion is also a way of knowing what’s right and Just. One Million Moms Judged Ellen Designers immediately Just because she was gay and without caring who she really is inside. E. Respect The group named One Million Moms had their own points why they contradicted Ellen Designers as the new spokesperson of J Penny.

But they failed to respect her as a person and to respect the decision made by J Penny.

It is true that everyone has the freedom to speak their minds but not to the extent that you will be able to disrespect a person already. 3. Conclusion We conclude that J Penny made the right decision to respect the gender representation of Ellen Designers as long as Ellen performs her Job very well, in order to achieve company goals and objectives. On the other hand, One Million Moms focused on preserving the traditional family values. Nowadays, there are groups of people who belong to third sex orientation.

These people are still human ND they can’t control who they really are and what they believe in.

One Million Moms has no right to meddle over J Penny’s business as they themselves seemed to have lacked ethical viewpoint over the matter and their beliefs are solely their 4. Recommendation a. Equal rights must be learned by people to avoid conflict with other sexuality. B.

One Million Moms should be open to other sexuality because every person has his/ her rights. C. J Penny must continue the business and will not be easily affected by One Million Moms. 5. Reference http://www.

Gossip. Com/one-million-moms-Ellen-designers-]c-penny-gay- controversy/