Penny Byrne Case study

Penny Byrne and Finn Hall are both artists that push the boundaries to the art Nor. They are a range of mix media artist who mainly focus on sculpture pieces. Rhea mostly focus on social and political messages through their artworks concerning today’s issues that create an impact to the audience, by challenging and provoking them. The focus on using everyday ordinary objects that we see day to day and turning them to become something that shocks and makes the audience question and rethink the significance of what the art work it trying to portray through the stronger art style.

Penny Byrne artwork style is more taking and antique mainly a ceramic porcelain sculpture and creating this everyday common object and turning it into a strong political/social message. Though Penny Byrne artworks are too be believed as destroying these eighteenth-centaurs plastic figurines, though Penny believes that she is re-creating these sculptures of beauty and releasing darker understanding of their meaning when created. Penny Byrne is a perfect example of heat postmodern art and how it challenges the convections in art. “Humor, satire, and parody are essential ingredients in my work.

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Even though a title might sound flippant it is never meant to be, it is meant to make people think about the particular issue, or educate them about a particular issue as well as to entertain them”.

She does this by the way she creates her pieces of art, of how she takes everyday objects and changes it onto another piece; therefore her art making practice is a great example of the way she pushes the boundaries in art and the post modern frame. Her art challenges the convections of postmodern frame by her concept she brings in her art and how it shows a deeper meaning of social and political issues.

Finn Hall Focuses on the same concept as Penny Byrne, through sending a message through her artwork of political, social issues in today’s world. Though one difference between these artists would be that Finn Hall focuses more on human and plant life, classification and as well opposites. She uses non-traditional media and methods of display that involves a sense of humor to this controversial artwork as like Finn Hall. ‘l tend to choose materials already loaded with meaning .

.. Having selected a medium, I then devise a way to make it take on the forms I want, so my work usually ends up looking highly crafted. Finn challenges the postmodern art world through her choice of unconventional media and messages of humor and darker meaning involving the political and social issues we suffer in today’s world. 30th artists challenge the postmodern frame of today’s mainstream art world through their choices in media, artist practice and concepts chosen to represent their work. Case study ay Nijinsky Argue a case that Postmodern art challenges conventions (socially accepted, norm, mainstream), referring to the work of Penny Byrne and Finn Hall.

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