Jcp Case Study

Cash Penny as one of the nation’s first department stores. Mr.. Penny founded the company on the principle of always treating customers the way he wanted to be treated: fair and square. In 2012, Spinney stated that their vision is to become everyone’s favorite store.

In order to update their image, Spinney announced some new strategies to re-llama their brand.

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Some of the updated strategies Include: pricing, branding, and merchandising. Spinney wanted customers to enter their newly designed stores ND observe the straightforward fair and square pricing, month-long promotions, exceptionally curates products In artful presentations and unmatched customer service. These new strategies were announced In January 2012 and by June 2012 the medal/shareholders were calling for the resignation of the CEO, Ron Johnson.

By performing more research on the state of Spinney, I hope to gain a better understanding of the new strategies they have put In place. As part of the research, I would also Like to analyze the Impact of the new strategies, and how these can be enhanced to meet the vision that the company has.

As a former customer of Spinney, I feel that I can use my personal experiences to devise a strategy that will help them to once again become America’s favorite store.