One of the many things to worry about as a third year in high school is Junioritis. It is basically Senioritis, but you caught it a little early. In the beginning of the year, you would feel so motivated. In fact you would feel so motivated that you would want to aim for straight A’s, but it will all change when you catch a glimpse of what your teacher has in store for you. In this period of time you would probably be aiming for “good enough for mom”. It is the last two weeks of school, and this is what I am currently encountering.

Just when I thought it could get any worse, I was assigned to do a total of four projects. Two of those assignments are assigned by the same teacher, and three of them are due on the same day. I am actually doing an extra credit to make up three assignments. I feel unmotivated and lost. I also feel that I am irritating my fellow classmates for always asking them what assignments are we supposed to do and the requirements for those assignments.

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I would usually wear makeup every day. Now, I am withdrawn from being “on fleek” whatsoever. I became a hedonist. I became a hedonist where I always watch Netflix when I can just to keep me sane.

I am not okay. Now that in going through this this year, I certainly do not want to go through this next year. My last year is definitely going to be different than this year. This is a warning to all future third and fourth years I high school. Do not get Junioritis and/or Senioritis. You will regret every neglected assignment, and it will haunt you at the end of the year.

It will probably get to the point where you become bloated, and get diarrhea. Save yourself before it is too late, because it will come suddenly and ruin your junior or senior year. This is coming from a girl who is currently having firsthand life experience on this. I wish all juniors and seniors the best of luck.