There is a disease running rapidly in high schools throughout the country. Older high school students are the victims of this disease. It affects students of all backgrounds and has probably affected someone in your family. Some of the results of this disease are no motivation to go to school, ditching classes, failing tests, and late home work assignments. This disease that we must come to face is known as senioritis! When I was a young child I was told about this disease called senioritis.

I was informed that high school seniors become tired of school and begin to give up. I thought to myself that would never happen to me. I was a hard worker and I figured I would never be lazy when it comes to school work. At this time in my life I was a nonbeliever of the disease which was known as “senioritis.” I am now a senior and believe that senioritis exist.

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Many of my friends and myself have struggled throughout the year to focus on our studies. Senior year is very distracting because there are so many events going on and it is your last year of high school. It is also hard to focus on school when I see my classmates slacking off. They make it seem as if it is alright to lay back for a little bit. What seniors tend to forget is that, academically, their last year of high school is very important.

We have to maintain good grades so we can attend college. Also, we are trying to become prepared for the rigorous courses we will have to endure our freshmen year of college. Some of the symptoms of senioritis are being tired, constantly hanging out with friends, avoiding home work assignments, no motivation, and becoming lazy in class. If you know a senior with all of these problems, you can diagnose them with senioritis. I think senior year is not taken seriously because it is the last year of high school, but in fact it is one of the most important academic years of high school.

Seniors forget the phrase,” it is not over until the fat lady sings,” and I have not heard the fat lady sing.