Junk Food The Fiend

Junk foods are the fiend of the children’s and adults in the school. Thou, they are given to the children without pure and health.

Ye, junk foods also contains healthy nutrients, but in schools ,nope. Junk foods are tastier than other foods ,although these foods are unhealthier than other foods. Mostly children’s eat tastier and unhealthier foods that is junk foods. Ye, that is available in the school canteen. My tale explains you clearly that the junk foods are fiend of children. In the city of California, there is one school called St.

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Lawrence higher secondary school, the school is populared by its famous junk food sandwich, by the children’s and adults too. Joseph was studying 8th standard in this school. He never eat the sandwich. Thou in this school they give the sandwich freely, once he eat the sandwich in his school ,he became fond of it, not only in school, on the street if he see the sandwich means ,next movement the sandwich in his belly thou, he spend the money lavishly for the sandwich in the bakery shops . ye, it was only habitated by his school.

Now the joseph became fat & obesity too, now he has too much of cholesterol at the age of adult. Ye, the school sponsored the sandwich freely but now the parent of the students complained freely and diseases get through the students freely. Ye, it will be restrict, restrict, restrict. Now the school has been closed because joseph was death by eating the sandwich abnormally by spent his money lavishly in bakeries & other shops too, so his parents complain about the school on human rights commission .they got their good judgement. Now I proved that junk foods are the fiend of children’s & adults in the school to