Just Because Smart Narrative Essay

I am (apparently) a gifted student. Most people think I’ve got it easy, and i a way I do, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t downsides. People never see ME. Just because I’m smart, it doesn’t mean I’m deaf.

I can hear what you say about me, and it does hurt. I do have feelings, and, if anything, they are probably more easily hurt than yours . Just because I’m smart and I use big words doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk to me. I want to be treated like a person too. Don’t assume you won’t understand me just because I use big words in class. I can speak your language too, and anyway, you might end up learning a new word.

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Just because I’m smart, doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes. And it most deifnitely doesn’t mean that you can laugh at me when i do et something wrong. Just because I can answer the questions, doesn’t mean I am going to get cocky about it, so I don’t need you trying to cut me down when I mess up, because it’s not like you don’t mess up too. Just because I’m smart, doesn’t mean I’m not human, doesn’t meant don’t get hurt by what you say. Just because I’m smart, it doesn’t mean I want to be…