Argumentative Essay on Reflections Narrative Essay

Thoughts are our own ideas and opinions . They have deep impact in our life and guide us through both happiness and adversities. They can be categorized into two parts; good and bad thoughts. Good thoughts or positive thinking lead to good character and when it appears in action, it is know as conduct or behaviors. On contrary , bad thoughts or negative thinking lead to bad character.

Gandhi and Mandela were the result of good thoughts whereas Hitler and Mussolini became the villains of history because of bad thoughts. Our thoughts are magical . Thoughts are powerful forces of energy . Thoughts create everything we want in life . .

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Thoughts only come from our mind and we are the person in charge of our mind. So we create the thought and it create the circumstances our life. Since our thoughts create our reality we create our reality too . Life is full of hardships; and dreams may shatter but the reality remains the same So our words and thoughts are more valuable then quotes pulled from text or webs. My thoughts guides me to live in reality.

Intelligence ,nature and temperament are born qualities and never changes . They have great influence on thought . A person’s feelings and thought could be best presented through the words and sentences that flows spontaneously from his heart. While expressing one’s feeling if we use others saying and quotes ,it is never perfectly presented in a way that other could peed deep into the core of your heart .When we use our own thoughts it becomes a pioneer and it represents us . Shakespeare had used his own words and today he’s still alive as” king of dramas”.

A person identity reflects personal thoughts attitude and many other thing that are only his . No pioneers in the history intermingled his /her thoughts and feeling with those of their counterparts or seniors. The best things always come of purity ; purity in thoughts and feelings comes from the use of own words rather than the use of quotes and proverbs. With the use of others words quotes ,proverbs etc we become a follower but with the use of our own thoughts and words we could become a pioneer and could bring our own feelings in limelight ..Using quotations and words challenges our intellectual capability and also hampers our originality in expression.

What others say, what others feel and think is already known. But what we think and feel. What new feeling we have is important ; the depth of our knowledge could only be best expressed through our own words which people have already used for themselves . If the quotes and words of others were important , there would have been no value for creativity. In conclusion , positive thought changes a person in doing magical deeds.

In life we cannot change the direction in which the wind blows , however we can adjust the direction of our sails to take the advantages of the wind. Life is a perennial struggle against the forces of darkness that exists in form of the anger ,hatred ,violence ,stoppages , greed and root cause of all ignorance . The starting point of success truly then is optimism and hope , positive thinking and faiths. Thus the use of our own words and thoughts are more valuable than quotes pulled from webs.