Katrina case study

Dear Strain, From reading the passage that you have included in your essay, I was able to understand how you were confused about being accused of plagiarism.

However once defined, plagiarism is imitating the thoughts of another person without having permission to do so, as well as not crediting the original person for his work. This includes whether it was copied word for word, or even closely imitated.

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Plagiarism is therefore considered, when a person fails to insert borrowed language in the quotation, fails to properly cite the quotations and ideas that were borrowed, and stats fails to put summaries and paraphrases in the words of their own. In the essay you have completed, you failed to properly cite the idea that was borrowed. The idea of that language should have been cited as an “in text citation”. His allows the reader to know that the information that you have put into your essay Nas borrowed, and not originally yours.

In order to do this properly you must put the authors name inside brackets, followed by the page numbers from which you got {Our information from. Although this sounds complete it is not, you must also include he citation on your “works cited page” which is usually included at the end of your essay on a separate sheet.

Another possible idea was to Just insert the quotation Nor for word into your essay, and cite it using the same procedure mentioned above, to show that the quote was not original, and was taken from an author. Remember with this you must include the author’s name, the title of the selection you Knish to cite, the editor’s name, as well as the date and place of publication. As long as Ho follow these simple procedures, you should have no problem with plagiarism. Sincerely, Koura Teacher