Kids Choosing What They Want to Eat

Schools should let kids choose and have approval of what to eat in the cafeteria. Doing this will help kids not go home starved.

I don’t think parents want there kids coming home complaining there hungry and haven’t ate. If kids weren’t to eat at school they could get sick. When people don’t eat up to three days the tend to starve. This can cause either sickness and it could lead up to death. Some kids parents don’t always know what foods their children react to which could also lead up to sickness. I know that many kids get sick of eating the exact thing every week.

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One thing that makes a kid fulfilled is food. Eventually by letting kids have approval of what they eat, it’ll make them happy and it’ll let them share there opinions. Kids will get happy because they could actually get full from eating. Also they’ll have tasty foods so that they could trade like old times. What kid wouldn’t be happy from not being starved? Similar to sickness, there are several ways how kids not only at local schools but all schools could starve. They might not like the lunches that are provided.

Also there friends may not choose to give them any of there food. Although even if they were to eat school lunches it may or may not be enough. By choosing what to eat, more responsible, depending kids will choose something that will fill them up. I do understand how some foods could be unhealthy. However there’s also a way how kids could choose their favorite fruits and vegetables also. No one wants to starve, become sick, or be unhappy of what they eat at any school.

Why not have a kids point of view?