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Ever wish that you could rate one of your teachers? Well you can on All you have to do is search your school and teacher but if the teacher isn’t there you can add them.

You can rate your teacher within the categories of “easiness”, “helpfulness”, and “clarity”, on a five point scale. You can also post comments, positive or negative, about your teachers, and the comments and ratings are both anonymous. These comments aren’t measured for their honesty and some could hurt a teacher’s reputation. So is a good or a bad thing? There are many cases that show the negative sides of A comment posted by andy2505 on said “This site condones anonymous bullying. This site encourages kids to rate their teachers.”Andy2505 is not alone; some people feel the same way about this site. Many students may have the urge to post libelous comments, and that could ruin a teacher’s reputation, but some students use the website to they’re advantage to see what their teachers are like before the school year starts Roslyn High School Freshman, said “It is a bad thing because teachers can look at their comments, but it it’s also a good thing because you can express your feelings about your teachers anonymously.

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” Another Roslyn High School Freshman, said “I believe that is a bad thing because everybody has different opinions and people might rate their teacher based on a bias that they have.” Not all people think that this website is a bad thing. Many teachers find the website helpful, and like to see what they’re students write about them. Roslyn High School Special Education teacher, Mrs. Mardi Braun, said “I think it is both a good and a bad thing.

I think it can give a student a chance to see what a teachers personality is at the beginning of the year but if a student is angry with a teacher if may affect the way they write about a teacher and it may not be fair.” When I asked if the website should be banned and shutdown here is what she said “No, but I would like students to be careful and not to form an opinion based on what someone says they should think and experience things for themselves.” No teacher so far has had the misfortune of being fired due to a comment on the website, but that could change. It has all been speculation, but in chat rooms kids have been looking for ways to get their teachers fired. Will they prevail? The ongoing conflict of may never end, but as long as students use the website in the correct way and not just post libelous comments, people’s opinions may change.