Dream to Another Level

My dream is to become an elementary school teacher. I know I may have to encounter a lot of obstacles and hardships in order to proceed into the next level, but it doesn’t hurt to try and pursue what you want. The thought of becoming a teacher is easy, but actually getting there may be difficult. There are a lot of stages I need to encounter before I even get to where I want to stand. Is it possible to get there? Of course. What do I need to be able to pursue my dream? I know I will need a high school diploma, which I’m not too concern about that because I’m three-fourth way there.

What concerns me the most is getting a Bachelor and Master degrees. Due to money wise, I am planning to take loans from here and there to help me for a while until I get my Bachelor or Master degrees. Money will be a huge problem for me during college years. My financial aid won’t be able to cover all of my needs but maybe help me pay for my textbooks and classes. Therefore, I should do my best in highschool now so I can get scholarship money. That will be a big help.

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Talking about getting my Bachelor and Master degrees. Do I have any ideas where I want to attend college or how I’m going to get there? As for now I am thinking about applying to Sac State. First, I will need to go into their campus and see if I like their constructions. If you’re going to go to a college, you want to go visit and see what’s there before you make a final move. Next, I should also go visit UCs out there to see whats best for me. You never want to miss your opportunity to go to a good college.