Know These Amazing Tips to Increase Your Productivity at Office!

Same daily routine and the same cubicle; that’s the life of every corporate employee. Every day begins with the cup of coffee where you have a rough schedule in your mind, planning to accomplish the tasks by the day end. However, many just end up thinking, “How did the day just pass? I didn’t do half the things I planned!”. And so, work productivity is a serious issue. There might be a person who would do 2 out of 5 tasks and then take a break longer than expected. The outcome? Productivity loss and working on the deadlines which cause anxiety and pressure.

Here are some cool and effortless ways that you can incorporate into your work life to increase work productivity!

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Reduce time taken for tasks: You cannot let go of activities that comprise your daily life. Shorten your breaks, shorten your mail checking time, duration spent on social media. Overall, it will make an impact.

Set deadlines: Remind yourself that you HAVE to follow your deadline. Skill can be taught, will cannot; so make the will. It is good to keep an eye on the clock and set alarms to remind you. You’ll ultimately get tired of snoozing your alarm and will start working swiftly. Set your own deadlines way before the deadlines set by your boss.

Are the meetings doing any good? Sure, you cannot do away with office meetings. But, you have to agree that some meetings just suck up your time and do no good. Therefore, sort the most important meetings and say no to the ones that just waste your time.

Utilize the travel time: Stop cribbing that you spent half your day in traveling and rather start using that time for something productive. Portable WiFi is the new in. Use it for quick work while being in the cab. The least you can do is check the mails, think of some ideas and schedule things in your head.

Prioritize your notifications: I have figured out a great way to stay away from my cell phone and that is prioritizing my notifications. Mute the notifications from WhatsApp and similar chat applications, App updates, personal emails, etc. You can scroll through these in your break time.

Let yourself sink in the work mood: Displaying pictures of plants or other motivational pictures that appeal to you can help you focus on your work better; it is proven. The more the comfort quotient the better your mind operates.

Music to keep you pumped up: Just because it said ‘pumped up’ does not mean that you have to play rock music and perturb your peers. Let classical music have its chance; it is believed to enhance IQ.

Keep hydrated!: A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. That being said, you must incorporate this habit. It will definitely have a good impact on your digestive system and will keep you balanced. Keep a water bottle handy so you have no excuse of difficulty to reach the water dispenser.

Don’t feel incompetent of not using your potential to the maximum. It is the worst feeling one can have. Since it is never too late to work on your improvement areas, bookmark this list right now and give yourself no excuses. Let there be no room for remorse.

Sahiba Sadana is an academic writer at Sharda University. She has acquired graduation in Business Communication and Masters in English language. She has expertise in writing about MBA, specially the MBA in Marketing and HR.

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