Land of the Free?

Many people do not realize that sex trafficking is a relevant issue.It may be a problem for some parts of the world, but not here.

Not in America. But the shocking truth is that in the United States, over 50,000 people are victims of sex trafficking every year.There is a negative stigma that makes it a challenge to talk about without a preconceived view of those involved. Sometimes this topic gets brushed over with excuses like, it isn’t relevant in this area, or it isn’t that big of an issue, or even more repulsive, it’s their own fault. But the reality is much different.

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Fifty percent of those trapped in sex trafficking are children. The average age for entering into prostitution in the U.S for girls is between 12 and 14 years old, and one in three children who are either runaways or are living on the street are lured towards prostitution within the first few hours. Once they have started, they may feel trapped, or the victims may think that they have no other options. Before making a quick judgment about prostitution, take some time to learn the facts.

Most of the victims are just that, victims. They did not choose this. They are forced into it and abused, mistreated. Even if they manage to escape, the judgment and misconceptions of other people can create a hopeless feeling. People need to know the facts and hear testimonies from these victims, and from that, strive to understand and fight for a change.