Learning 101

What does it mean to be a learner? Is it the responsibilities of the school for everyone to learn? Where do we draw the line of the teachers teaching by the students actually wanting to be taught? Teachers can only be expected to do so much till it falls down to the student just not wanting to learn. Teachers can only be expected to do so much till it falls down on the responsibilities of the students.

Every student has the ability to learn, it all just boils down to trying. Today, many students just look for excuses on why they fail and don’t realize they are just being lazy. Teachers should not be penalized for the lack of effort from a student. On the other hand, some teachers just can’t teach. They either refuse to teach and just sit around babysitting their students.

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Or their abilities to teach are not good enough. If teachers are being paid to be there then the least they can do is try. Just like students, the least you could do is try. You don’t have to be good at school work. You just need to get it done. So where do we draw the line? How do we figure out who is at fault, and how things should change? I believe the tests we take at the beginning and the end of each year to evaluate how much a student has been taught to figure out how much teachers get paid is an awesome idea on how to figure out if a teacher is actually trying and giving effort.

But how do we make students want to learn? There should be some sort of reward for students to try hard in school. I believe this would make a lot more students try harder in the idea of a reward for doing it. But overall it does just boil down to the students. Either they learn or they don’t. How they learn effects only them and no one else.

As long as the teacher is doing everything they can to teach, it is no longer their responsibility to make a student learn if they aren’t willing to do so. So overall, I believe that teachers need to teach if that’s why they are there. But it also is a responsibility of a student to be there and learn. But if they choose not to, then there is no longer anything we can do for them because it is their own fault.