Learning to Think, Learning to Question

Every since I could remember I had always known that stealing is wrong under every circumstance, No if’s buts’ or ands about it. A year ago that had all changed. I was surfing the internet one boring Sunday afternoon when I came across a news article, it was a story about a woman who stole the basic necessities for her baby girl who was just 4 months old. They had just recently lost it all, and had no one to turn to. She claimed the shelter was always full and when they were not full they only let you stay for a week at a time to make room for more people.

This is when I began to question everything. Can I say I would let me and my child starve to death without trying to do whatever it takes to stay alive? No I couldn’t, many people would say, the women was lazy and she should get a job, but the fact is it’s not just that’s easy. I used to be such a judgmental person before I read that article last year. The article changed the way I viewed the world. In my opinion stealing its completely wrong but under these circumstances stealing is acceptable. I have always been taught to do the right thing no matter what but is stealing for your child’s needs and your needs the wrong thing when you have no other choice but to starve or steal I think morals go out the window after your first week without food.

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I definitely was confused about what I thought was right and wrong while reading that article but now I have learned that sometimes doing the wrong thing is the right thing for that specific time in that specific circumstance. I have also learned to not be so quick to judge everyone and make assumptions without even knowing the circumstances and full story. This article has made me question if lying or stealing are always wrong. One thing is for sure, the world is not just black and white there are shades of grey.