Learning Styles

A learning style is practically the way an individual manages to learn effectively. The learning styles are diverse and their applications are also diverse.

Each individual is known to have his own learning style (Howard, 1993). For me, I believe my learning style is based on visual intelligence. This is because I have an ability to use visual elements with ease for instance reading maps easily, drawing pictures/diagrams in the process of explaining ideas and easily assemble items from diagrams. I also have a problem in reading long paragraphs but would prefer a drawn map in the place of written directions. I also tend to do very well and recall any information that involved some imagery as compared to a conversation or message passed orally.

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I acknowledge that I can use the study techniques recommended for my personality type and strongest intelligences to function best in a distance learning environment. This is to say that my intelligence would be effective if applied appropriately in any learning process in this case being distance learning. In distance learning, it would be great to access photographs, images or any other graphics in the computer or in websites placed on the online learning experience and make some meanng out of them (Howard, 1993). On the same case, such images would be my basis of recalling some distanced lectures in the event of an exam as manage appropriate to complete the same in due time while expressing myself through the same mode.Music intelligence is also a part of the individual intelligence in which an individual learns better through music. The person has the habit of humming tunes.

Showing excitement when some music is played and singing along. These individuals comprehend something through a recall on some music. I have poor abilities in Musical intelligence. In this case comprehending a song or a voice is quite difficult for me. Therefore understanding or successfully learning through music intelligence is quite difficult for me. In this case, there are a variety of techniques which I appreciate will be appropriate in helping me improve the less-developed areas or intelligences, in this case being the musical intelligence.

I intend to spare more time in listening to music of different kinds. This will be an ideal technique of helping me develop an interest in music and increase my ability of comprehending and creating meaningful sound as well as recognize patterns of music and sensitivity to patterns or sounds. I also intend to incorporatte images of artists, sceneries and other attributes that are part of the music in order to integrate the same with my learning style thus making learning more successful and fun. Knowing my learning strengths as well as those of my classmates is of great importance since it helps know the best avenues to exploit as an individual, as well as complement one another as we develop a team to pursue learning. Each individual has his own strength of which understanding each other would be of help in knowing how to assist one another in the learning process.

In case of collaborative work completed in an online learning environment, this knowledge is very critical. This is because one can maximize on his field of intelligence as you combine forces in working out through online learning (Howard, 1993). At least the knowledge would help understand one another and form a team and know the strengths and weaknesses of each. On the same note, it would be appropriate for tutors to pass the readings or any other material considering your preference of learning style and on the same note accept your feedback with an informed consent. This is what would develop effective learning all together and lead to effective collaborative work.