Lesson case study

Travis eats steak and cheese subs every day of the week. Explain the types of fats, as well as the properties of each type, that are found in these subs. Omega-6 fat Saturated and Trans fat 2) Jenny eats low-fat salads, yogurt, or cereal at every meal, and she is feeling tired and more sensitive to cold temperatures. Explain what dietary factors may have caused some of the symptoms she is experiencing. Not getting essential fatty acids because not enough lipids are being consumed and lacking protein.

No nourishment to muscles. Causing her to be weak and tired ) Jenny and Travis ate salmon for dinner.

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What types of fat are found In this food? How does the fat found In salmon differ from that found In steak and cheese subs? Omega-3 fat Omega-3 fat can lower blood pressure and help prevent heart disease, while omega-6 fat Is the total opposite and can cause heart disease 4) olive 011 and vinegar are used to flavor the salad. Explain some of the benefits associated with olive oil. Lowering cholesterol and risk of heart disease, controls insulin and blood sugar levels 5) Jenny spreads margarine on her roll, although the cookies were baked with butter.

Compare and contrast these two fat sources. Butter is high in saturated fat and cholesterol which increases the risk of heart of disease and stroke. Margarine is low in saturated fat and has no cholesterol. 6) Jenny’s mother has been watching her cholesterol. She was warned not to eat the cookies because they were made with butter, which contains cholesterol.

However, chocolate chip cookies contain other sources of cholesterol. What are they? (Ingredients: Flour, sugar, butter, eggs, milk, vanilla, baking powder, milk chocolate chips) Eggs, butter, milk, and milk chocolate chips