Lesson learned

Everyone has done something or didn’t do something that they’re not proud of. No one is a nice human being in middle school. I’m not so proud of the time I ignored another student that didn’t have a partner. There was a kid named Zach in my sixth grade science class and he was a little slower than most.

He meant well and tried his best but I was an arrogant little middle school kid. I felt bad for ignoring him because he probably felt like he had no friends and probably didn’t do very well on the assignment. Most students had Mr. Macs’ Science class. He was a short chubby guy and kind of strange but in a good way. Every day he dressed up to compliment the lesson that day.

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This particular day we had a worksheet that we could work on with a partner. So another student named Zach who sat near me asked if I could help him on it. At the time, Zach to me was a weird kid that I didn’t really want to spend time with. I just said,” No” and walked away and did it by myself. He probably felt bad and like a loner. I didn’t realize how much of a jerk I was until much later in life.

He also wasn’t doing the best in Science and I had an “A”. I should’ve helped him out so he could get a high score and maybe turn his grade around. I knew it was a bad decision but I didn’t want to deal with helping someone else and I just wanted to get the assignment done with. I was selfish in 6th grade and most people in 6th grade are. I’m not sure how he’s doing now but I hope someone did what I didn’t and helped him out. This wasn’t one of my best moments because I made someone feel alone and I could’ve helped someone’s grade but I didn’t.

The only silver lining in this story is that now I never make anyone in a group feel left out.