Letter About Gaming

Dear Mr.

York, I have a idea that I believe would have a good influence on our school. I think a E-Sports team should be started. E-Sports is a sport that is dedicated towards gaming teams. Gaming is a huge thing in the world as we enter 2016. This is a massive topic all over the world and is a multi million dollar competitive scene. Teams are competing all over the world for hundreds of millions of dollars.

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I have personally been to the largest and most rewarding tournament in the world in Seattle, Washington. Worth 18 million dollars, I know how much fun and rewarding this sport could be. I personally am on a Semi-pro team and we have taken part in many tournaments worth money, this can really bring people together and make people much closer. It is a very enjoyable thing to do as a team. This takes a great amount of communication and teamwork together, sometimes even more so than other sports. You have to know how the people on your team personally work because if you don’t it can really affect your gameplay.

This certain sport can and has made some of the best friends and most memorable moments. Gaming is no longer what it was 20 years or even 5, and people need to realize that it can make a person better in life because they can better understand how people work and how to really be part of a team. There are even some colleges that have scholarships for gaming now. It is a massive topic and some people need to realize that it is 2016 now and not 2005. Sincerely, Jesse V.