Letter of WWII

November 7, 1941 (Letter about WWII) To Prime Minister Hideki Tojo, As president of the United States, I am writing to you to discuss the recent actions and the near future. Due to recent events, I am concerned about the well being of the United States and her citizens.

Firstly, you have invaded the parts of China, for more land and resources. Secondly, you have allied with Nazi Germany and Italy. Lastly, you have created the idea that Asia is for Asians. Due to these pressing matters, if not followed carefully, Japan will be punished and may face worse. The first issue that worries me is your military’s recent invasion of Manchuria and the destruction of the capital of China.

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This has been a heavy toll on the United State for we are allies with China. China has many resources that the United States needs. Also, we are currently trading with China in the Lend-Lease act. But with your troops occupying parts of China, we have found trading inconvenient. That is why we have embargoed the trade of metal and oil to you.

We will continue to give you the needed resources if you recall your troops out of China. We will not supply you with resources that can be used against our allies. The second issue that worries me is the fact that you have become allies with Nazi Germany and Italy in the Tripartite Act to create the Axis Powers. I strongly suggest that you end this treaty, for Germany believes that Germans are the superior race and the rightful rulers of Europe. While we understand your country’s anger with us, however, we do not agree with the recent Tripartite Pact. This pact gives you control over the Greater East Asia.

Also, this pact gives you more power due to the fact that you have sided with Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini. The last issue that worries me is the idea of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere that your government and military has created. The idea that Asia is for Asians has severely concerned me. Because of this belief, you think that Asia is not for foreigners, and you don’t want foreigners to colonize in Asia. However, we have colonized in parts of China, and are currently trading with them.

We urge you to abandon this belief. Asia is for everyone, including the United States. Your country might argue that we should not freeze your money. However, we believe that we do not want your money to be used against us. You have already built weapons that was used against China, which was coming from our shipment. We also closed the Panama Canal to stop all trade with your country.

You have read our concerns, and we encourage you to change your policies. If not, there may be war. Sincerely, President of the United States