;Lights, Camera, Action;

Mrs. Schultz is a wonderful person; actually incredible, if you ask anyone in MacArthur Ninth Grade High School! She is a very excellent teacher who helps her students when needed and never rejects them. Her career started when she graduated from Texas A&M in Corpus Christi. Mrs.

Schultz admired the teacher and student ratio at the college campus. She stated, “It’s good to know the professor and the community”, says Mrs. Schultz. Her senior year in college, she was accepted into Texas Tech University but declined. She then decided to get her bachelor’s degree in communication studies and a master’s degree in secondary education.

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In her first internship she learned about public relations. Her favorite play is “Cats”, and I quote, ” I love the way they incorporated the movement and took an actual animalto create something with it”. The play was out of the ordinary. Mrs. Schultz stated that she would rather give the demands, rather than to be the one listening to them. she is currently writing a skit for a show, that will come out April 25, 2015.

She likes to pretend that she is the characters, just to see how it is in their shoes. Mrs. Schultz considers herself as shy, and a “control freak”, and She can be overly dramatic. Her hobbies include theatre and dance, and her favorite genres are contemporary, musicals, comedies, and parodies. She was in sports marketing and she was a marketing editor.

Mrs. Schultz adores Professional Communication, and she loves teaching overall. She likes to challenge other’s creativity, in order to see what they’re made of. Mrs. Schultz sponsors the Drama Club, and her dream for drama as well as theatre arts, is to bring them to life; she wants to make an outline of both.

Overall, Mrs. Schultz is very motivating and amusing!