How to Set Camera System for Movies

Response to Reading articlesThis article describes the grueling stages and the preparation that James Cameron and his Partner Pace go through while trying to set up a camera system for the movie Avatar. Over the course of their working collaborations, the two of them decide to refine their three dimension digital camera system they want it to be faster and less noisy, an aspect that will make it more feature based. The original camera system would only bee good for an Imax but could not perform the feature as expected. After their refinement, they end up with a three dimension camera system which has 11 channels that are in motion. The major issue or topic here is that the two movie creators are upgrading their motion picture machines in an effort to come up with a system that would handle a three dimension shooting. With the movie that they are above to shoot being a bit complicated, they decide to fuse their cameras into a system that supports several cameras together. This is done by the use of several Sony models, which at the end of the fusion can two third inch chips and can record images into a Hard drive tape.

Further, their system enables them to be able to configure their cameras to better resolutions.What Mr. Cameron is doing is very important because it brings out to us what movie directors have to go through before a movie hits the market. For instance, we get to learn from the article that it actually took four years to create the Avatar, which is quite a long period of time. The have to work with different characters and shoot in different locations.

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With the Avatar, the footage is done in New Zealand and the rest of the work has to be compiled back in the United States. This further overemphasizes the importance of perfection in the movie art. We see that the good Sony camera that the duo have still have to be re-modified into a system that will get better three dimension images.One of the things that supposed me in the reading is the Simulcam. This is a camera that is virtual and which can be placed anywhere including in the space. With this camera, it is possible to take images and fuse them with the other cinematography processes instantly.

Another surprising thing is that this production is so extraordinary in many ways. Right from the beginning to the fusion of the pictures, it is evident that lots of perfections have been done in order to come up with perfect film.In conclusion, the extent to which technological advancements has progressed over the years is very breath- taking. Going through this article, it feels like James and Pace are creating a whole new invention that comes to revolutionalize the movie industry once and for all. Their fused system of cameras and the Simulcam virtual camera are good evidence to this. The end picture is so amazing that its perfection cannot be matched so easily.

Finally, the Avatar is brought out as a thorough piece of work whose production took lots of time in organizing as well as in packaging and bringing it out to the market.