Listening to Music in School

Students should be able to listen to music in class. It’s that simple. Students enjoy it and teachers still get the silence that they want.

Which brings me to say it again. Students should be able to listen to music in class. Student listening to music in class puts them in a certain mindset like ok i feel like i can do this. It helps them concentrate more because the other part of your brain that’s looking for something else to do is being occupied with music. An article from (David S. Zerull) says that “Music educators involve students in musical activities that include composition, performance, and listening, with the promise that these will contribute to or develop the “musical” in students.

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A”. Although people may disagree and say that it’s a distraction to others. It could be but that’s why there could be some limitation like don’t have it to loud. A study of 21 adults was conducted to see if music can help you focus and washington post said When listening to a preferred genre or a favorite song, the participants had greater connectivity between regions of the brain called the default mode network (DMN) So long story short these are my reasons for students listening to music in class. Like i said it help people concentrate on their work and helps them focus. Works Cited (“Music Helps You Focus on Your Own Thoughts, but Only If You like It.

“Washington Post. The Washington Post, n.d. Web. 05 Oct.