Losing Baby

Helen Keller states, “All the world is full of suffering. It is full of overcoming” (Keller). A year ago on June 2 2013, I lost the best dog that I have ever had at the vet’s office. My dog had a stroke and never got better.

Much like Helen Keller overcoming of not being able to communicate, I too overcame the obstacle of grief over Baby dying. Helen Keller had to overcome the obstacle of not being able to communicate. When Helen was a baby, she got sick and became blind and deaf. The Keller’s hired Annie Sullivan to teach Helen. Annie was able to teach trust, obedience, andEnglish to Helen.

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Like Helen, I also had to overcome my obstacle of grief. My grief over losing Baby made me very sad. I overcame it by talking about it with my friends and family and playedmusic to feel better. I was able to get over the loss of my dog and love another puppy. Althoughour obstacles are different, we shared a few similarities.

Like Helen, we both have had some hard times in our life. Helen and I haveworked hard to overcome difficulties and trauma in our lives. Life is hard, but good things can happen. Helen Keller had to overcome the difficulty in learning on how to communicate, and I have had to overcome the hardships of losing Baby. I learned from Helenthatno one should ever give up. Inmy life, I have learned that no matter how hard it is to lose something so precious, I will still have to go on.

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