Luck Alone Cannot Determine Success

Many people rely on luck to climb the ladder of success.

But does luck alone really help us to reach out goal without any effort or determination? No. it doesn’t. However, there are some people who are quite ‘lucky’ to be successful without much effort. Yet, people can’t always count only on luck to determine success. The most unfailing way to reach your aim is through hard-work and determination and promising yourself, “Yes, I will!” instead of, “I’ll try”.

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Hard-work or effort plays a significant role in determining success. We are quite familiar with these quotes, “Do your best and God will do the rest” and “Try, try till you succeed”. Mostly people who depend only on luck, tend to be lazy and repel from the path, leading to success. These are the fools who blame their luck or fate or God itself when they fail and they still don’t work hard. Determination too, is an important key to success.

We must be determined, firm and promise ourselves to accomplish a task and to overcome hurdles, no matter what. Without an aim, effort and determination, one can’t accomplish any goal. We must always remember- “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” and not- “Where there’s luck, there’s a way”. Apart from hard work and determination, we need optimism, a positive approach towards a mission, self-confidence, interest and inner peace. We must believe that “We can and we will”, rather than letting pessimistic thoughts invading our minds. These qualities make us feel good and exceed our chances for succeeding and develops interest and a strong will-power for a particular task.

In short, I would conclude by saying that luck alone can’t determine success. For completing the recipe of success, we need big teaspoons of effort, determination, optimism, interest, self-confidence, peace and being independent with a pinch of luck. We become lucky merely by chance. So we must be prepared in advance for accomplishing any challenge rather than relying totally on luck.