Lupus Case Study

Drinks alcohol often. Vitals: BP: 94/56, Temp: 101. 4, OR: 28, HER: 118; Suffering from fatigue and server pain in hips. Sighs & Symptoms: Ms.

Thomas came into the office today complaining of excruciating pain in her hips. Patient stated that she often has pain in her hips till she can’t bare to walk at times.

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Patient stated that she breaks out in sweats and fells lightheaded often. Patient stated that she also has swelling In her legs from time to time. Patient stated that she has been experiencing these symptoms for a few months.

When asking the patients to rate her pain on a scale of 1-10 she stated she would rate her pain at 9. Patient stated no sudden changes to her lifestyle. Test & Diagnosis: There were several test blood test ran. The lab work including a CB, ANA, anti-DNA antibody test, and complement series.

Patient’s lab results were: ANA: 1:640 normal: No ANA detected in a titer with a dilution 1 :32) Ann-DNA antibody test: Elevated (normal: low or none) Complement assay: Decreased CA level at 43 MGM/old.

(normal: 55-120 MGM/ODL) and decreased CA level at 14 MGM/ODL (normal: 20-50 MGM/ODL) Red blood cell count: 3. 8 million/mm (normal: 4. 2-5. 4 million/mm for women) Hemoglobin: 10. 5 g/ODL (normal: 12-16 g/ODL for women) Homoerotic: 35% (normal: 37% to 47% for women) White blood cell count: 6000/mm (normal: 5000-10,000/mm for women) Platelets: 1 38,000/earn (normal:

With the data collected it is certain that she has systemic lupus erythrocyte’s. She meets 5 of the 1 1 CAR criteria for diagnosis, including: butterfly rash/facial rather, no erosive arthritis, hemolytic or blood disorder (anemia), immunologic disorder (abnormal anti-DNA antibody test), and a positive ANA titer.

Treatment: Diuretics for fluid retention, Bone-strengthening drugs for osteoporosis,