Mac Vs PC Case Study

While, in contrast, Apple‘s Mac is easy to use, safe and stable. The target audience for this campaign is people who don’t entrench in either camp (Mac or Windows), not particularly technologically savvy and average person. The campaign was very success. Just one month after the campaign, an Increase of 200,000 Macs were sold and at the end of 2006, there are totally 1 Macs shipped. In order to fire back, Microsoft launch a TV ads and a free Oxbow offer to show It’s fun side.

The target customer is us undergrads who is planning to buy a new computer in the coming 12 months.

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IQ _ What characteristics of extended problem solving are Involved In a computer purchase? For extensive problem solving, customer will get more involvement In the decision making process mainly due to the self-concept and the relatively higher perceived risk. Consumer will try to obtain as much information as possible and compare the brand or product carefully. In the purchase of computer, as the price is relatively high as compare to other consumable goods, a higher financial risk will result. Consumer will have higher involvement In the decision making process.

On the other and, as mentioned in the introduction, the user image and the self-concept would be another factor motivates the consumer to pay more attention in choosing the right product.

They will search extensively to get more related information from multiple sources both from Internal search and external search. E. G. Google, magazine.

.. Or even ask their friends for more support. All the criteria will be listed In the selection of different models from difference brands by using compensatory strategy. Not Just the spec of the computer will be evaluated, but also the outlook design as it would effect their Image as they hold It.

Once the decision made, purchasing would be the next step, many outlet would be stopped, and If needed, lot of communication with store personnel to get their comments or even support for their decision.

In general, the time for extensive problem solving would be comparatively long and once the echelon nave Eden mace, It’s Nora to change. Q. How might the free Oxbow offer influence a consumer’s mental accounting and perceived risk? By considering the free Oxbow offer, as the mechanism is buying a PC at the normal retail price and get a Oxbow for free. It will affect their anchoring frame.

Customer will use the retail price of PC as a reference and now they can get one more goods, the Oxbow.

Depends on the potential customer, difference customer would get different judgment for the value of the free Oxbow. For PC and Oxbow potential buyer, as both of the bundled items is their wanted item, they will consider this is a value added offer and have higher potential to buy it. For PC potential buyer who is not very interest in Oxbow or even TV games, their perceived value of the Oxbow would lower and a lower attention to consider the free Oxbow offer.

On the other hand, once the customer gets the free Oxbow offer, this offer will become the reference point of next purchase of computer. If the perceived value of next offer is lower than that of Oxbow, they may think the new offer is less attractive.

In terms of perceived risk, as the price of the Oxbow offer is the same as that of buying a PC alone. The perceived monetary risk should be the same or lower depends on the buyer. If the buyer both interested in PC and Oxbow, their perceived monetary risk is lower.

For people who are not interested in Oxbow, the monetary should be the same. Q.

How might Apple be creating a heuristic for its consumers? Apple should focus on creating more value for its customer by demonstrating and upgrading the user-friendly and simplicities of its system to make it even more outperform PC. People buy for value, not for the physical goods. Even the free Oxbow offer seems attractive, but it doesn’t change the people’s mind, both the problem of PC and its user image. The more products you get for the same price, doesn’t mean the more value you get.