Make College Mandatory

You see your future. There you are, waking up at five in the morning to go to you meager paying job as a fry cook at the Chinese food restaurant.

After working the whole day, you have to go to your second job working the night shift at the general store down the road. Finally you get home; finally you get to sleep. But wait, just four hours later go over the whole thing again. You could be like that, in that situation. Doesn’t that sound fun? Or you could be working as a brain surgeon, accountant, dentist, lawyer, professor, CEO, engineer, trained salesman. There are so many more possibilities when you have a college degree.

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Everyone should go to college. When you have a college degree, and use it, you will make twice as much money as someone who never furthered their education. That is a fact. When you get an advanced degree you will make triple that of somebody who never furthered their education. That is also a fact( In summation, people who get a college degree make much more money than people who don’t. The US Census Bureau released data that people who went to college, and have a bachelors degree make $23,291 more, on an average year, than people who only have a high school diploma. People who have more advanced degrees make $55,868, per year, than somebody without a college degree, that works in the same field. There is a substantial difference in income for people with a college degree. Just think, in October 2009 the average rate of people who went on to college after high school was seventy percent.

In October 2010 the rate of high school graduates going on to college was only sixty-eight percent. That means that less people are going to college. Maybe it’s because of the economy. Maybe people just can’t pay for bigger things like this anymore, like they once could. But people need to pay now, to make much a lot more money, later on. Some people say that the cost of college tuition is too high, so high that they could never pay off their student loans.

And they don’t want to risk spend their money on something that’s not worth it. But statistics show that people make more money than what their student loans cost. People, even if they don’t go to college right after high school, still have time to go back. My mother had gotten a college degree after high school, but since she was a single mother supporting two children, and working as a teacher, she decided to go back to school. She now makes a substantially more money because she went back to school.

It may not have been a very opportune time for her to spend a lot of money, but she has paid off nearly all of her student loans. You can go to school for just four more years, create a life for yourself, or you can not go to school, and work a low-paying job for the rest of your life. When you have a college degree you don’t have to work until you can barely move. If you go to college you will make more money, and you won’t have to work later on. According to the Institute of Higher Education Policy, by the Carnegie Foundation, college is shown to, “decrease prejudice, enhance knowledge of world affairs, and enhance social skills.

” Summarizing that; people who go to college become more accepting of race, and have better social status. It says that people who go to college will widen their understanding of the world and will know how to handle the future better. Say, after high school, instead of going to college, you stay home and decide to get a place of your own. So, you plan on spending all of your money on bills, having to work the whole day and not being able to have a life. But, if you go to college you will be able to live on campus, you won’t have to work at awful jobs, and will broaden your knowledge. College gives you the first look at real life, versus not going to college and being thrown into real life.

College graduates have a better outlook on the future (that is a fact). They are ready for the future, they know what they are doing (on average). Architects, dental hygienists, curators, veterinarians, librarians, nurses, paralegals, physicians assistant, physical therapists, medical scientists, forensic anthropologist, software engineer, human-resources manager, and there are hundreds more- all jobs that require a college degree, at the least. Would you rather have a job like those? Or would you rather be working a job that you hate? When people go to college, they have so many more options of what they are going to do with their lives. They can do something that they want to do, and they won’t just be stuck with what comes up on the unemployment ads.

Yes, there are high paying jobs that don’t require a college degree, but those jobs are rare, hard to do, and very difficult to come upon. All of this in summary is; People who go to college are more successful, they make more money. The economy powers the world, and the economy is all about money so, we need people to go to college, to make more money, to make the world work. Malcolm S. Forbes said it best,”Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.”