Marriott global strategic case study

Countries Segmentation Market share Key initiatives Hilton Worldwide different segments – Honors transferable points – Lightest program – IBM Partnership Stratford hotels and resorts worldwide 100 High end target market Partner with boutique hotels Element CEO-sustainable buildings reward partnership with numerous lanes and travel services. Yamaha Worldwide 7000 Internationally greenest company (Newsweek) Wanderer Company Dillon employee volunteering Greenness Marriott International Rewards Programs Loyalty program to reward faithful customers

In return the 1- International violin/Nilsson statements 2- external audit This is an external audit.

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I found on the document some information regarding the competitors. I tried in this map to see what is there position on the lodges market. For this I used two information: The number of properties of each competitor and in how many countries they are. All the information are on the table above. Many of the competitors try to give a positive ecological feedback of their company as developed in the table in Key initiatives. I however didn’t find any information on

Marriott green movement in the few pages I red.

3- Global strategies generation and selection In this few pages they mentioned Marriott settled a В«loyalty program to reward faithful customersВ». In return of the multiply advantages customers gain from this reward program, customers began to identify themselves with the company’s brand Image Ana AAA facilities. A Marriott to e r eve EAI set AT Drank preferences among lodges All the competitors have their own loyalty program seeking to retain their customer. Marriott is trying to settle its activity on numerous segments.

Recently they opened a ewe concept В«the Autograph CollectionВ» Marriott tries to be very close to its own customer by using a blob were they publish all their newsletter.

Moreover they developed assistance hotlist to enable customer to have all the information they require. Example with the Family Assistance Hotlist Marriott is also making some dumping to boost the tourism in US. They succeed in making the president Obama sign the В«Travel Promotion ActВ». 4- Strategic Management issues implementation 5- International marketing & finance issues implementation 6- Global evaluation performance