Marriott International Inc

This research paper explores the possibilities of an individual living and working in Teaneck, New Jersey in the US. It will address the corporate lifestyle of Teaneck Marriott at Glenpointe. It is a subsidiary hotel to its parent company, Marriott International Inc, based in Washington DC.

Teaneck is a culturally diverse township that is home to many commercial developments. Its diverse population comprises mainly of Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, Caucasian, and African American communities. Furthermore, Teaneck’s vast growth rate and proximity to New York City makes it a desirable location to reside. Marriott International Inc is one of the leading players in the hotel industry not only in New Jersey, but also in the US. Life in Teaneck, New Jersey As earlier stated, Teaneck hosts numerous commercial establishments than most townships of its size in the US. It portrays a kind of life where every form of business covers for the needs of all members of the society.

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This is would not be surprising considering the ever-increasing number of people in the area. Overall, with more than 50 resort cities and townships, New Jersey is growing into one of the most preferred destinations in the US. As an additional icing to the cake, Teaneck is also home to not only exciting but also affordable entertainment spots. Indeed, the residents of know how to enjoy themselves as shown in the kind of extravagance and array of options to select from (Cheslow, 2010). Furthermore, Teaneck plays host to a population dotted with cultural and ethnic diversity.

It is comprises of Latin, African, Asian, and Jewish Americans among others. Along with this ethnic diversity, the Teaneck society is characteristic of numerous religious practices as well. State data shows that Teaneck is one of the areas that are not only safe but also affordable for individuals seeking entry-level job positions. What enlightens the most is the fact that town folk seems to forge a perfect coexistence with one another. Seemingly rooted in the town’s culture is also the elemnt of strong emphasis on family and community values of hospitality.

In my own opinion, the quiet little town of Teaneck, New Jersey seems to offer a better destination than most upcoming townships (Cheslow, 2010). Overview of Marriott International Inc Marriott International Inc is one of American’s leading companies in the hospitality industry. It manages an array of hotels, resorts, and lodging facilities across the US and around the world. As a brainchild of Willard Marriott, Marriott International currently operates under the watchful eye of CEO Arne Sorenson. Indeed, the company has boasts of over 3,800 facilities spread across 74 countries and states around the world.

Marriott started as a small stand bar in Washington DC where residents could come to refresh themselves. They later expanded their business entity into restaurant and hotel chains.Marriott opened their first two regional hotel facilities in Arlington, Virginia that included the Key Bridge and the Twin Bridges Marriott hotels. The hotel has been a spectacular entity that relies on experienced leadership for excellent performance. In 2002, the company started a major restructure by selling of many of its subsidiary service companies to concentrate on ownership and management of hotel facilities.

The change gave them room for further expansion to regions and facilities such as the Teaneck Marriott at Glenpointe. The hotel’s management is notable for their non-pornography, and non-smoking policies in promoting their Christian values. As part of Marriott International, the Teaneck Marriott at Glenpointe offers rewards programs that ensure members earn airline miles and appreciation points for time spent that the hotel. This is in addition to other attractive packages such as membership benefits and complimentary parking spaces (Fact Sheet: Teaneck Marriott at Glenpointe, 2013). Working for Marriott International, Inc The hotels and lodging sector continues to eexpand as individuals take on to traveling for business and pleasure. Consequently, hotel establishments have made it a requirement to become more hospitable and cleaner than before.

This strategy saw companies rise above their unmoving competitors; thus, acquiring considerable amounts of competitive advantages. Marriott International happens to be one of the companies that dominate the hotel industry in the US. Presently, it is a multinational firm with gross revenue of close to USD 10Billion and an employee headcount of over 150,000 workers. Despite starting from humble beginnings, the hotel continues to achieve an upward trend of growth in its market dominance. Furthermore, the group situated their Teaneck hotel at the heart of business thereby ensuring job stability.

This expansive facility features meeting rooms, concierge flows, a restaurant, and an atrium lobby. It is just the perfect place for not only workers, but also clientele in need of reception, recreation, and business meeting facilities. From the above analysis, there are three main reasons that would make me want to work for Marriott International, Inc. First, Marriott International as a recognized brand that is easy to trace and recall. Secondly, the company is notable for conducting occasional facility expansions and innovations to ensure optimal consumer experiences.

Lastly, the workers have always been the living examples of excellent employee retention: effectively promoting its employability (Fact Sheet: Teaneck Marriott at Glenpointe, 2013).Conclusion Marriott International Inc constructed its positive image through strong commitment on value and quality. Evidently, the company supports the development and existence of employee mentoring programs that ensure learning and integration. Indeed, in their 2008 survey, the Reputation Institute named Marriott as the leading service provider in the lodging and hotels sector as a reputable company. Therefore, in my own opinion, the Teaneck Marriott at Glenpointe will still be an excellent working place.