Methods used by managers

Explain a content theory of motivation and a process theory of motivation and illustrate how they can explain actions of Individual In the case study. Content theory explains why human needs change with time.

Explain specific factors that motivate behavior. Prose Theory explains how worker select behavioral action to meet their needs and determine where their choices were successful. It’s commonly use from scientist research in which event or occurrences are said to be result of certain in puts states leading to a certain output states.

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Following prose this is use prose horror attempts to explain the mechanism human needs change. In cases study Joy of chocolate company Guys funded her new business which her redundancy package from safe way store where she had been general managers. She’s motivation was to fulfill her ambition of having her own business and achieve her dream of creating gourmet chocolates.

In the few year period her redundancy Suez had spent her holidays achieving professional jollification in chocolate’s making and before stating the business she had spent six month gaining valuable working experience with varies chocolate firms In Europe.

In early days Suez considered survival a major achievement but as time passed her ambition for the business grew. She made choices and work hard and successful her dreams. 2. Explain methods used by managers to improve job performance within the workplace and justify their suitability.

Performance management Is prose by managers & employees work together to plan, monitor & review employees. It Is continues process of Setting objectives ? a specific result that a person of system aims to achieve with in a time frame and variable resources.

Ascending Prose – Managers can monitor employees performing & they an demand validation / recognize of ascending Prose. Ongoing couching – Refers to methods of helping others to improve, developed learn new skills, achieve aims to manage professional challenge and work place problems. It’s Like as probation period..

. Feed Back – Its goes been managers. Extends to co-employees and even customers. Encourage employees to talk to management and report problems to resolves any issues. It’s easier to motivate workers. Trance prance communication.

Management – Prose of reaching organizational goals by working with and through people and organizational. These are succeeding then can perform well. 3. Explain precisely the Importance of team working and state how It operates In the case study. Delegation – A team that works well together understands the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. Efficiency – Work groups and teams develop systems that allow them to complete tasks efficiently and quickly.

Ideas – When a team works well together, It allows team members to feel more comfortable in offering suggestions.

Support – The team members can help each other Improve tenet performance Ana work together toward Improving tenet professional placement. Team members also come to rely on each other and trust each other. Two key appointments from the outset were Leon Hammond and Hafiz Shah. Leo was appointed as Head of Chocolate development.

Hafiz as chocolate production factory manager. The Company manager, Suez knows about their qualifications and she knows they are important part of the team. Leon and Suez met and discuss potential development. Suez and Hafiz met and discuss weekly production programmer.

Hafiz ensured all employees undertook a Job development.

This allowed teams to maintain tankards and encourage a positive culture of staff development resulting in Job enrichment, benefiting the company as staff became motivation through work not just money. 4. Identify and analyze three factors that affect team cohesiveness and performance. Examine the influence of the three factors in the case study. Size – As a team increase in size, it becomes harder for each member to interact with and influence.

Task Specialist role – People who play the task specialist role, spend time and energy helping the team reach its goal.

Combinational role – People who adopt a combinational role, support team members, emotional needs and help strengthen the social entity. Joy of Chocolate Company has small teams. They work together. They solve problems together.

All of the team members work to the same goal. So this company grew quickly. Hafiz as chocolate production factory manager. Hafiz had a assistant Mary Taylor. She has helping to organize and supervise production with special responsibility for controlling quality of supplies. She plays the task specialist role; spend time and energy helping the team reach goal.