Miserable Magical School Life

On many moments of our lives , we have desperately waited for something to happen , something that we expect to be the the best thing for us.

But when it happens , you don’t feel a thing , you feel numb , like a person with no feelings at all. Well , how do I know about that , I am just in 11th standard , but I have waited to be in 11th standard for such a long time , and now when I am experiencing it , I want it to finish as soon as possible.. Dumb relation I am here making , but still , I wanted to grow up , that was my wish right? Why am I not happy when I have my wish? Maybe sometimes , we don’t know what is good for us and we have to try things out of our comfort zone to really help us grow. I know , I am suffering right now , My studies are suffering , The big bright eyes girl with huge dreams is suffereing to get that spark back. But that’s life , you got to suffer to know how strong you are.

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Live the life you love – people say that a lot , don’t they? How do you get to know what you love? I love to grow up in life and now when it is happening , I hate it. I hate being me , I hate time for going so fast. But its only after this dawn of my life , a shining sun of my career will shine! I hope I have my counterpart somewhere feeling what I feel. Guess , now we just have to wait for the best part to start and the worst to end.