Monday Tests

Mondays are the worst days for teachers to give tests. The least important reason for not having tests on Mondays is many of us are social beings and we like to be around friends all weekend because we don’t have time to socialize during the week.

By socializing with friends it gets in the way of studying for Monday tests and we don’t perform as well as we want. Then we are also very busy. We as students have many activities we are involved in like, religious retreats, jobs, and visits by relatives. This also keeps us from studying. Also the week is also very long and many of us don’t get enough sleep during the week so the weekend is a time to catch up on sleep. This takes time out of our day and it’s the time to study is wasted.

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Then once you get up your busy doing something else and soon enough it’s dark and you just want to relax and watch a movie. The most important reason why tests shouldn’t be scheduled for Monday’s is because teenagers get lazy on the weekend and don’t have the motivation to take there books out of their backpacks. We procrastinate by telling ourselves we have time to do it later, but then Sunday comes along and it’s nine o’ clock and you really don’t want to study. Then you have to study before school, but only have fifteen minutes and that fifteen minutes gets you a C on your test. By not having tests on Mondays we wouldn’t be doing so poorly in our classes.

Tests on Mondays are difficult and should be moved to another time in the week.