More Than Elections


Isn’t it the most wonderful, dramatic and tacky thing that happens at colleges and schools. You get to choose your leaders in most cases and it’s truly amazing with all the campaigning, half hearted promises and temporary friends. By the end of it only one person wins and it’s all over. It’s trendy for a month or so and then it’s gone. That’s what happens doesn’t it? And it’s sad that it does but my case is completely different.

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Hence, here I am to try my best to change the bare minimum of school/college elections for the best. You see, we always forget what a true leader means. A true leader is the one who’s fair and just to simply put it with two adjectives maybe. But guess what, in our case, the popular kid is the leader. He might be on drugs but hey that’s okay cause he’s popular.

Okay, enough ranting, let’s get to the point. When I campaigned for my post, I realised many things and this realisation has just hit me like a hard yellow school bus. In all this chaos of student council, I’ve come to realise that I have friends who anchor me down and are my pillars of support. You must be like ‘Yah, sure I do have friends like that too’. I’m sure you do and that’s good for you but have you ever thought deeply about it? So who are these people who stick with you even after elections? Who are these people who fight hard against a crowd of harmonal teens to just prove to the world that you are the best. Who are they? They’re your true friends, genius.

But wait, stop and ask yourself this. Do you have these people in your life? Or are you that kind of a person who has friends but only during times like these. If you are then you sure as hell need to start looking for real friends. I know what you’re thinking now. ‘If I have these people by my side, then I’ll definitely win’. Woah, slow down there, tiger.

Yes, you will but have you ever thought about the aftermath of this? I had the chance to think about it and I’m so lucky to have looked at it from this perspective. I’m truly proud of myself today, you know? I just have come in terms with the fact about how fortunate I am to have the friends I have. And today, it doesn’t matter to me if I’m in the council or not because I know that I’m in for a friendship that is so precious. It just makes me feel warm and fuzzy to know that this little group of people who’re the closest of my friends have so much faith in me (might be even more faith than my teachers and parents have in me) And that’s the best feeling you can ever get. And that’s how every person should feel about you or look up to you when you go up for the post of something or stand for any sort of elections.

If you can get this feeling in hearts of atleast 15 people at a mere age of 16 or 17 or even at an age lower than that (which is great) then you’re a true blue leader, my friend. I might have not arose that feeling in every person I’ve known over the years but now I know some people who actually do look up to me the way people look up to good leaders and oh I could not have asked for anything better. And as for others who’re still doing the bare minimum during elections, I hope this article changes your perspective over things. Until then, may the odds ever be in your favour.