Morphological Analysis

Analysis Due to market concerns, Enterprises decided to use morphological analysis to address and determine new ways of introducing a sleek, economical and slim home entertainment into the Atlanta metro area. Right now it is very difficult to have a home entertainment system that is not made by the same manufacturer. For example, you can go into an electronics store and buy a CD player, stereo system, DVD, cable TV receiver, gaming system that is made by Sony but if you decide that you would rather have a Panasonic DVD player and a Toshiba cable receiver, then compatibility issues arises.

We decided to use this strategy because we felt that we could better educate our customers about existing products and differentiate our product from the competitor. We felt that as a young startup, with no brand recognition we could better reach our niche. • Some of the market concerns that we determined were: • Increased customer knowledge • Customer dissatisfaction with current electronic products • More complicated installations • Wireless demand • Complete home entertainment systems • HDTV, plasma TV’s • Blue Ray • Entertainment Centralization. Fcc Mandate By coming with a Morphological matrix, we were able to address customers concerns and brainstorm on different ways to reach a viable and accepted product. Key Parameters We could use different specifications for power for the entertainment home system. We would probably go with 110 volts to introduce the product into the Atlanta market.

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But having the 110 or 220 volts options would make the product easily customizable if we decided to go into the European or foreign market. There are different variations for each control that could be used.

We could opt for different controls for each blade, depending on which applications the entertainment may run and the cost; we could use popular platforms such as embedded linux or micro controllers or even a network. The platform we use will determine what real time components and non real time components we can use. Using a slot interface will allow the entertainment system to have different options that a customer may want to add.

For example a customer might choose to have a DVD, CD, Cable receiver when he or she purchases the system but has the ability to add a gaming console or radio receiver when he or she wants to.

To provide a multisystem that supports multiple protocols, High-speed designs often require complex, high-speed printed circuit boards that can easily drive costs higher, usually through the use of overly stringent design methodologies or expensive printed circuit board materials that are not required for the system operating parameters . Using different mid plane video options could overcome some of these challenges and help reduce cost. It is important that the system expose several user interfaces to serve different kinds of users. Interfaces such as Bluetooth, USB, headphones will make it easier for users.

Having a Bluetooth or USB may enable the system to observe the user, and react according to their actions without specific commands Providing customers with different TV receivers will allow customers to choose from a high variety of TV programming available today.

Some satellite TV programs are broadcast in the clear and are therefore considered “free to air” (FTA), while others may be encrypted and only made available to subscribers living within a particular region or individual country. There is also a distinction between analog and digital cable or satellite TV.

We will provide customers with a lot of options so that they have all the existing and new technologies available in their homes. We will also provide customers with all the available radio channels available. Satellite radio is catching on in the United States and there is a great competition with Sirius and XM radio.

Providing customers with many radio options will enhance our product and give us an edge over the competition. Media devices provide deep support for the burgeoning class of media recording and playback devices, supporting a great experience for user who want to connect devices and playback or manage streaming A/V data. ntertainment system will provide an array of media devices. The mass storage interface is an attractive option for many devices, such as cameras and media players, which are nonetheless capable of more functionality than being simple data repositories. By presenting themselves as simple data stores, these devices can leverage the high degree of support for the USB mass-storage device class in current operating systems’ USB driver stacks and allow easy read and write access to their internal memories.

Game consoles are a industry is a very big and lucrative market.

People are looking for ways to consolidate their games consoles into their existing home entertaining system. We will provide users with the option to add a game console such as play station 2 or Xbox 360 to their home entertainment system. There are many variations of DVR available in the market place. There are also new technologies such as blue ray and HD-TV available now. Allowing users the option to add TiVo will be an option.