Movie Case Study

Do you think Mrs. Traverse wanted her story to have happy ending , or not? Yes , I do think that Mrs. Traverse wanted her story to have a happy ending. From the beginning of the movie , Mrs.

Traverse was the famous and financially strapped author of Marry Popping. She was urged by her agent , Mr. Dairymaid Russell to meet up with Mr. Walt Disney who had been longing for the film rights of Marry Popping as his daughters’ begged him to perform their favorite books into the big screen.

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He never realized that it could take him 20 years to make his promise. At the beginning , Mrs.

Traverse kept on expressing her disdain for animated feature films that Mr. Disney had produced. She did not live easy during her childhood.

Her father who was an alcoholism had died at young age as he suffered from tuberculosis and this causes her mother to attempt suicide. Therefore , she had always been realistic towards the world and disdain towards the fantasy world. Characters In Marry Popping were Inspired by her past. I believe that Mrs. Traverse did not want to disappoint the readers with her writings and never wanted to fall to attract the readers Including Mr.

Disney daughters who loved Marry Popping a lot.

Mrs. Traverse was scared to trust the adults because they never failed to disappoint her since she was little , so she can’t even trust Mr. Walt with her story as she did not think that Mr. Walt could film it well. Besides , her criticisms towards the script written by the creative team had been increasing as the bitter memories of her childhood begun to resurface again.

It shows that times really heal up the wound when the creative team continued to write new scripts that could really satisfied her and added new song to close the film.

Then , she was slowly engaged with the team. This shows that Mrs. Traverse had always searched for the good piece of work though the memories of her childhood continued to tear up her wounds. Everyone has their own story behind.

Mr. Disney had also shared his painful memories with Mrs. Traverse. He told her about some mistakes that his father did to him. After telling her about his past , he talked about change.

He told her that she had to change the way of thinking and let it all go.

As a writer , she should be able to eve hope and positive inspiration to the others and also she herself. ‘I’m tired of remembering it that way. Don’t you want to let it all go ? Don’t you want to rewrite the tale and let it all go? Forgiveness , Mrs. Traverse, is what I learned from those books. ‘ said Mr.

Disney. The books was actually referred to Mrs. Traverse’. Indirectly , their relationship had become closer though sometimes there are misunderstanding In between. So I think she wont disappoint him as she did not Like others to disappoint her ,too.

These are the reasons why I think Mrs.

Traverse would like to end her story with happy analog Q : Who do you think you are more like – Mrs. Traverse or Mr. Walt Disney ? I think I am more like Mr. Walt Disney. He was a patience person.

He could wait for 20 years in order to get the film rights of Marry Popping from Mrs. Traverse. He had to deal with her temperament. He often received the complaint from the creative team and even from the secretary about Mrs. Traverse temper.

The creative team had to write the scripts and songs again and again as to satisfy her.

She also talked rudely o the secretary that served desserts during discussion with the creative team. Moreover , Mr. Walt Disney could also accept and forgive the painful past. When he knew that Mrs. Traverse had an unforgettable childhood and could not get over it because she was always disappointed by the adults when she was a child , he shared to her about his painful past ,too so that she did not feel like she was the only one.

Besides , he also gave advice to Mrs. Traverse that she needed to forgive and let it all go by changing the way of thinking so that she could live freely and happily.

I , myself have the same way of thinking , I know sometimes we can’t really forget the painful past but what we can do is to accept it and forgive people who have hurt us. Mr. Walt Disney was also a person who always kept his words.

He had made a promise to film his daughters’ favorite Marry Popping so he tried his best to get the film rights . After 20 years , he finally got the film rights from Mrs. Traverse. I admire his successfulness and I have idealized him as Disney has been my most favorite channel since my childhood.