Goal Movie Case Study

Santiago on the other hand, had different aspirations. His goal was to make it pro and earn a pot on a professional fitful team. This was not an easy task, but obstacles such as lack of family support, insufficient funds and immigration issues did not hold him back. His story proves that with enough persistence, motivation and some luck, any dream can come true.

From the perspective of the marketing manager of the Newcastle united football club, there are many clear advantages and disadvantages of recruiting a player such as Santiago Menus.

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On the one hand, he has many strengths. He is a solid fitful player with undeniable skills. He is a minority representing the Latin market who old bring diversity to any team. By entering the team through a trial, Santiago is of no risk whether he makes the team or not. Therefore, Newcastle united has nothing to loose.

On the other hand, because it is known that Santiago comes from a poor background, the team is not familiar with his character traits. Unfortunately, due to stereotypes, they may be nervous of theft or violence.

However, Santiago background could also be considered a possible strength. He may be extremely grateful grateful to the team, and his humble personality may bring inspiration to his teammates. This situation could easily go one of two ways, but It may be a risk the team has to take. Another possible weakness is that Santiago is new to the English game and is not used to their style of playing.

It may be hard for him to adjust in this new setting and his skills may not carry over.

Since he is brand new to Europe, he will be new to the culture and atmosphere. His family and friends will be across the globe, so he may have many adjustments to make while living in a foreign place all alone. However, even though it may take him some time to adjust, his unique skills may be an opportunity for other members of the team to learn a deferent style of fitful. Another vital opportunity would be the exposure and Increased fan base of the Latin market.

The Latin market holds close ties to their roots and supports others of their kind.

Because Santiago story is truly an Inspirational feel-good tale, other members of the Latin community will want to cheer him on and follow his success. I-ay Is an extremely optimistic man won can see potential In a player Ana makes it his Job to help him succeed. He is very passionate about the game of fitful and can easily spot someone with high potential. In this case, that someone was Santiago Menus.

Beyond being a part-time scout, Glen’s main role in the movie was that of Santiago mentor. He did more than Just show him to the Newcastle United team.

When Santiago was in need, Glen was the first person to step in and treat him like a son. He not only gave him money and a place to stay, but if it wasn’t for Glen, Santiago would not have gotten a spot on the Newcastle United team. When all the conditions were going wrong on the day of Santiago try outs, one factor that did not fail was Glen’s determination and persuasion skills.

He was the one who fought for he team to give Santiago a chance, and ultimately convinced them that Santiago was worthy of this opportunity. It is evident from the film that Aids financed this production.

There are numerous shots of the sporting goods company’s products all throughout the video. There are many potential benefits that can be obtained from sponsoring a sports movie such as this one. Aids is known world wide for being one of the top soccer sponsors.

This movie works as a supplement to extend this brand image. Not only could the use of such footage increase brand awareness for the company, but this old also potentially increase Aids product sales. The exposure gained from such a film will be remembered by a large percentage of the viewers.

Not only is general film exposure beneficial to any sporting goods company, but a movie of this nature has an added benefit. Most people will be able to form an emotional connection with this inspirational story in one way or another.

It hits home for anyone who has overcome a major struggle to achieve a goal, or is in the process of trying to accomplish one. In a sense, with this strategic sponsorship, Aids has positioned themselves as a supporter of life goals. Consequently, Aids not only sponsored “Goal! The Dream Begins,” but they can be linked to sponsoring Santiago Menus as well.

In addition, Just as the Newcastle United team now has the potential to gain the Latin market through Santiago following, being associated with Santiago success also allows opportunity for Aids to gain a Latin following. In conclusion, the information presented in this case study show reasons why Santiago became a prominent soccer player in Europe.

Even though he came with many strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the Newcastle United club, hey decided to take a risk that proved to be successful.

This would never have been possible without the support and determination of his part-time scout and mentor, Glen Boy. This example shows that even though the odds may be against you, with persistence, guidance and people who believe in you, nothing is impossible. The prominent sporting good’s company, Aids, made a beneficial strategic decision to sponsor the film with the potential to increase brand awareness and loyalty. In the end, it seems that in “Goal! The Dream Begins,” everyone wins.