Response to a Movie

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is an American film directed by John Ford and steered by James Stewart and John Wayne. The film was derived from a short story by Dorothy M. Johnson and released by Paramount Pictures in 1962.

The film is one of the last movies filmed in black and white that hit the Hollywood. The movie is a western play that can be said to contain everything about social life in action. This is because it discusses a number of themes. It revolves around a senator who kills a notorious bad guy and unveils his deed during the funeral of an old comrade. The movie has great acting capacity with dramatic tension and good pace of emotions among the characters.

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Stewart takes the role of an old man, Ransom, gets an opportunity to give speeches and does it perfectly well. Similarly, Wayne plays his role adequately. Nevertheless, the characters, Wayne and Stewart, help in the development of themes. They compete to love the same woman as evident in real-life situation. Furthermore, politics and patriotism emanates when Stewart tells of his story and later inquires if the writer will write the true story.

The production of movie is a noble task although it is normally expensive.. The shooting of the film in black and white enable Ford to lower his budget and become the greatest film producer to be admired. However, the film has faced criticism. The use of actors demonstrating warfare in the society has made the life of the filmmaker sound difficult and indifferent. For instance, Stewart’s actions depict Ford as a racist and Wayne’s playing the role of a Duke also makes his life painful.

The Liberty Valance is a must watch movie because it works on many issues with such resonance as the battle between the cattlemen and the town folks and the victory of good values over evil deeds. The starring by Stewart and Wayne makes the film captivating with several themes exposed at a glance.