My Goal in Life

My goal in life is to go to graduate incollege to study computer science.Learning computer science is what I want to do in college because I want a high paying job and becauseI am interested in these two subjects.I know that careers in computer science have high paying jobs and I am also interested in computers.

Also I want to go to college to make my family proud and I think college is an important and reasonable goal. Most jobs that require a degree usually pay more so I want a high paying job because Iwant to have a good life without having to work a lot of jobs and barely get by.Having a good environment to work in I think makes a huge difference, I want to get along with everybody I work with because It will make my job more enjoyable.I want a job that also requires to travel as little as possible, if i go to college and get a degree in computer science I most likely don’t have travel much or at all.If I get a job in business there are a lot of jobs where you need to travel and I don’t want to travel because I want to stay near my friends and family. If I go college for computer science I will study one of three things: a computer programmer, a computer engineer, or an IT manager.

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I want to possibly become a computer programmer because I love computers and I know they make a lot of money, but i’m not quite sure if I want to program computers.I am probably going to college to be a computer engineer because I love learning the components to the computers and they also make a lot of money.My probable second option is studying to become an IT manager, I chose IT manager as second probable option because they make the most money but not everything is money and I want to enjoy my job as well. In my head I have a plan in order to make it to college and one of those steps is to prepare for it.Now I plan on doing this by getting into study habits and taking second step to prepare is to study, I plan on studying as soon as I get notified that there is an important assignment, test, or quiz.

I think one of the best steps is taking classes in high school before college because then you at least have an idea of what you are doing instead of taking a shot in the dark and it can possibly make my time in college shorter. So in conclusion I plan on going to college to get a four year degree and I am going to make myself and my family proud.I am most likely going to be an engineer making computer parts but anything can happen and change, who knows I might major in something like biology or something else but nevertheless I plan on going to college.If I get a job with good pay and involves computer science I believe that that is an accomplished goal.I also believe that if I do what I said I would do then I think I will have accomplished my goal in life and that is graduating college.