Mr ***** Narrative Essay

Have you ever had a class that you absolutely hated going to? Maybe the class was boring, too difficult, or maybe the teacher was just awful? Maybe a combination of all three? I sure have, and I am sitting in his room right now.

Mr ***** is the worst teacher on the face of the earth. 61 Mr ***** simply does not know how to teach. He assumes that if one braniac in the class understands how to take the antiderivative of 5/6 arcsec (7/x3-4), that everybody in the class knows how to do everything calculuis and will 100 all do well on the test. This is not so. He races through these impossible problems using his handy little notebook, where he once did the same problems 20 years ago when he actually knew how to do them. If you ask him to do a problem that he has not covered, he will stumble through it just like the rest of us, only to be corrected by one of the nerds in our class.

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He tries to play it cool, but it is so obvious that he does not know how to perform calculus. He whizzes through the daily lessons while he all scramble to write down everything he puts on the chalkboard, not learning a single thing. Then we get to go home, clueless on how to do the 40 some problems he assigns every day. Great teacher. Another thing Mr ***** always does is tell horrible jokes.

He thinks all of his “Van” jokes are hysterical. Such as driving around in a van (not clever), or claiming that something is Vantastic (not funny after the 2nd time, let alone the 100th).