School Narrative Essay

Have you ever sat in a class and listened to a teacher talk about a topic as boring as the rock cycle? Than you’re in school. School has many advantages and disadvantages. You gain more advantages by going to school, like an education. In school you learn about more things than you realize and the things stick with you. For example the ABC’s kids learn that when they are young and it sticks with them.

Kids also learn how to read in school, reading is a lifelong skill. Also, in school you met a lot of new friends that you will be able to hang around with until you graduate. Finally, school opens your interest bubble. There are many classes to choose from and try out, some of the classes could evolve into the persons job. Most adult think school is perfect for kids, but kids think otherwise. To some kids school hours don’t make sense, school for 8 hours and 4 hours of free time and 5 days of school and 2 days of free days.

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Also, there is always that one mean, grumpy teacher that dislikes kids; those teachers always make the kids life horrible. Finally school lunches. The most dreaded thing in the world. If you’re lucky you will get a hair free lunch. All in all school has its ups and downs but school has more ups than kids realize. School makes you smart, prepared and ready for the real world