Mrs. Hale Charecter Analysis

Children of Eden Critique Children of Eden, is a casual linear theatrical musical that I must say took my breath away. I honestly expected not to be that at awe. Children of Eden consisted of two Acts.

Act I held the story of Adam and Eve and Act II held the story of Noah’s Ark. This play was held at the Laidlaw Performance Arts building at University of South Alabama. I attended the show during the open night premier.

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Here, is where I learned that my professor Karen Baker was the director and that some of my very own friends were present in the show. Act I, the story of Adam and Eve was a phenomenal piece that was truly effective emotionally and comprehensibly. Act II also had an impact on emotion as well, but not as strongly as the Adam and Eve story.

The story worked out excellent for I felt it blended the stories to where everybody can understand because the bible can be very confusing.

Both acts drew the crowd’s attention because the actors were so passionate in their roles, you knew the play was fake, but you couldn’t help but to get drawn into certain scenes that touched you emotionally. The actual script of the play I felt was amazing. It added some humor so the crowd was able to smile throughout some parts of the play then to feel like they were watching an soap opera. My reactions to the characters were amazed and astounding! I couldn’t believe that most of them could really sing, and that they didn’t seem to come off as amateurs to the stage.