Mrs. Patterson

Mrs. Patterson I wrote my Educator of the Year nomination about my sixth grade teacher Mrs. Patterson. She had been a teacher for many years. The next year she was made principal.

Sadly due to a shortage of money by the dioceses the school was shut down. I had known Mrs. Patterson since I was in 1st grade, and we were always close. She had done so many things for us. She was always there for us whenever we needed her. She always knew what to say and when to say it.

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Also, whenever we did something, no one would be left out. Nor would she let anyone stay out. Mrs. P was also very compassionate and understanding. When someone was in trouble, she wouldn’t yell or scream, but she would talk with us.

Mrs. Patterson was also very funny. No matter who you were, she would always be able to make you smile. She was the coolest teacher, and we gave her the nickname “P-fizzle”. Everyone would always be anxious for her class and waiting to see what she could think of.

No kid would ever want to leave, and we would go in there whenever we could. Every kid loved Mrs. P, and no one would ever have negative feelings towards her. She could always find some way to make class interesting. She would always have something new and creative for us to do in class. In her class there was never a dull moment.

Every class she always knew how to liven things up. She would never just sit on the side. She’d get involved and interact with everyone. She taught me to never worry about the little things and to just have fun. She deserves this award because of all the things she did for everyone who met her. She was an inspiration to not only me, but every student she taught.

She is a funny, understanding, creative, and all around amazing person. She would make us feel like a family. In the years I’ve known her there have never been any bad thoughts or negativity between us, and she helped to get me through middle school. In the future, I would hope to be as creative and compassionate as her. These are the reasons that I believe that Mrs.

Patterson should receive this award.