My Favorite Mentor

From watching television shows, movies, and living life in general I have always heard that when you apply to college one of the most common essay questions is who do you strive to be in your future after completing your academic term at the certain school in which you are applying to. It may be completely false that they ask you that but I would like to share with you how I would answer that.

As you may know that Hollywood always puts Hilary Clinton in the script to answer this question. It is something I have heard one to many times. I guess it makes sense why they choose her. She has done a lot for being a woman. Please do not take that as a female joke or anything.

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Granted Mrs. Clinton did not sit on a bus or fly a plane around the world but she has ran for president. It is a big thing for a woman trying to be chief executive of a country that has never really had a woman that high of power. From the way I am talking you probably are picking up the hint that I do not look up to her that much and that is very true. Anyways, I believe I am getting a bit of topic.

You see, the person I would answer that question with is someone that not many people know. She is not internationally known or anything like that but if you have met her once then you probably remember her. This is someone that has made my mind churn by just sitting in her class and getting to know her personally. I am incredibly lucky to call this woman my mentor, my teacher, as well as a role model. This being is mostly referred to as Ms. Pilewski or Ms.

P. With high school being a new scary place I was very fortunate to call her my homeroom teacher my freshman year. For the first few weeks it was the safe place I looked forward to. By her being her she would make us laugh and let us feel as there was no law against being who we really are. With her classes she listened to us and criticized us only when we asked for it.

Ms. P. preached against society and never put a limit on our creativity. For this I would like to contribute my future plans of pursuing English to this woman that has told me many times that I have a way with words. Thank you for reading the good and the not so good in the past two years.

Hopefully I will be able to impress you in the upcoming year as I have in the past.